Be Careful What You Say To Yourself

Be careful what you say to yourself because you just might believe it. And if you believe it, those are the beliefs you will act upon. Those are the beliefs that will become your reality.

When You Cannot Feel It

When you cannot feel it,
you cannot feel it.
When you cannot see it,
you cannot see it.
Everything looks the same.
And no matter what you read or see,
or how you try to make it make sense,
it doesn’t.
Even when you know it should make sense,
it doesn’t.

As You Judge Them Not

You are everything you dream about and everything you hope for. You are, yourself, an embodiment of all that you pray for and everything that you fantasize about. In every thought, every dream, and every word spoken by you, you are stepping past yourself as you wander in search of that which you are. Stop searching.

The Art of Receivership — Balancing Give and Take

Our relationship with taking is just as important as our relationship with giving. There is as much to be said about the art of true generosity as there is about the art of receivership, but the art of receivership is the one that has been long forgotten.

Sadness Addiction

We become addicted to our sadness because it makes us feel alive in a world where we feel dead inside.Feeling anything is better than feeling nothing.
We become addicted to our sadness because pain is beautiful.
There is no pain without passion and no heartbreak without love.
Our shared pain connects us and our compassion holds us together.

Don’t Lose Hope In Humanity

Yes, I have wondered many times in the past decade if my hope for and faith in humanity is childlike and naive. Especially since March of 2020. But no matter how much ugliness I see, I still find so much beauty.


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