The Power of Forgiveness - Everyone Has Been Hurt by Someone They Love

The difference between happy people and unhappy people

Forgiveness is a concept touted by many but deeply understood by few.

This is due to its meaning only being covered on a surface level.

We have heard it repeatedly, “forgiveness is for you”, but there is a lot of confusion about what that truly means and when it applies.

Everyone says that, but most don’t ever go any further.

Simply hearing someone say, “forgiveness is for you”, isn’t enough to process our emotional pain in a way that allows us to forgive — especially when our pain is caused by someone we believe should love us. This could be anyone from a parent or sibling to a partner or best friend.

If there are two principles my clients, myself, and my friends/family struggle with the most, they are the two f words — fear and forgiveness.

I will share an excerpt that has helped me and many others in processing forgiveness — even of those who have hurt us the most and whose actions were so grievous that those people had to be banished from our lives forever.

Do you know the power of forgiveness?

We have all been hurt by people we love.

Almost everyone has been hurt by someone who they feel should love them the most.

The difference between happy people and unhappy people is forgiveness.

The difference between living a fulfilled life and merely existing is loving, not being loved.

Do not let your subconscious mind tell you that you should never have been hurt by the people you love.

This is life.

You are not a victim or an anomaly.

You either love or you don’t.

You either forgive or you don’t.

The choice is yours, but it’s your happiness that depends on it.

Forgiveness is not to be mistaken for allowance. Forgiving those who have hurt you does not mean that you must participate in any relationship or thing that does not serve you.

Forgiveness does not allow negative behavior to wreak havoc in your life. What it does is allow you to love.

Maybe the person who hurt you will grow just like you are. Maybe you will have the most beautiful relationship through forgiveness. Maybe they will never change. Maybe you will have to move on or maybe you already have.

It doesn’t matter.

No matter what they do, forgiveness allows you to love and love is what you are.

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One thought on “The Power of Forgiveness - Everyone Has Been Hurt by Someone They Love

  1. My niece died of coke overdose in 2018. She was 25 years old. I blamed my brother and sister in law for her death. I have since written a letter of apology and also left 2 voicemails. Have not heard back from them. What can I do if anything?


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