Don’t go to Sleep on Your Dreams

Wake up and make them a reality!

Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.

— Paulo Coelho

We all have dreams. We all have amazing things that we wish to do with our lives. Every one of us has daydreamed as a child to grow up and live a life full of excitement and adventure. Yes, that may look different to each of us but the fact remains, that when we were young, we all wished to truly live life.

So what stops most of us from following and achieving those dreams of a better life?

Some of us had parents who constantly ridiculed us and told us that we were ‘being silly’ when we shared our dreams with them. Some of us have become products of our environment and were raised in a place where people just don’t ‘make it’. Some of us have chosen to believe the taunts of childhood bullies and peers who told us we would never amount to anything. But the number one killer of all dreams is our own voice of doubt and fear of failure. This fear of failure is what keeps us from throwing caution to the wind and doing whatever we have to do to make our dreams come true.

Whether we were told that we were not good enough or that our dreams just weren’t meant for us, it is all a lie told to us by people who have believed the lie for themselves. Until we wake up and realize that we are the masters of our own fate and let go of this false narrative that has been force fed to us, we are destined to remain asleep with our dreams. Other people’s opinions are just that: their opinions. When we hold on to those opinions and allow them to dictate our reality though, they become our truth.

So, the reason you are not living your dreams IS NOT because you were bullied in school. The fact that you are stuck at a nine to five job and have kids to feed IS NOT why you have let go of your deepest desires and put your life goals on the back burner. A poor upbringing or broken childhood IS NOT the cause of your unhappiness. You have not followed your dreams because YOU have decided that YOU cannot make them happen. Everything else is just an excuse.

Every morning you have two choices. Continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.

— Unknown Author

Originally published on Bobby J Mattingly

Your dreams are there as a guide for you to live and fulfill your life’s purpose. Your dreams are there to drive you to be the best possible version of yourself. Your dreams are there to help you show the world what makes you unique and remarkable. Your dreams are there for you to pour out every ounce of creativity, hope, and greatness that you possess into whatever it is that makes your heart glow. Your dreams are there as a gift to not only yourself, but to all of humanity. When you fail to live out your dreams, you are doing yourself and humanity a great disservice. Your dreams are there to make the world a better place. But until you wake up and choose to make your dreams a reality, you will forever remain asleep.

Wake up and make your dreams come true.

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