Your Love Cannot Save Them — Toxic Relationships

Many of us have had relationships with people who we love in a very powerful way. This love feels so strong that it feels like it could heal the deepest of wounds and save the most lost souls. We feel like we could move mountains with this love. And in some ways, we can. But in other ways, we cannot. It is our inability or unwillingness to accept this that leads us towards toxic relationships and away from self-love.

I Wonder What The Books Will Say

I wonder what our great, great grandchildren will think about what we are doing right now when they read about COVID 19 in their history books.
I wonder if they will be shocked and amazed that the US had millions more deaths than other countries, yet many Americans fought for their right to go out without masks and get them and others sick.
Or, I wonder if they will look back at all the people who stayed home and wore masks and laugh, because the virus wasn’t real or a real threat. I wonder…

How Bad Communication Is Destroying The World

If enough of us could look at each other with true compassion and really communicate — really listen, things would change. This all leads back to humility. We heal each other and ourselves though compassion, communication and humility. And it is this humility that will heal the world.

Constructively Dealing With Destructive People

Dealing with some people can feel like playing an impossible game, in which you are doomed to failure. With every effort, you feel like you are being pushed further back. There seems to be no solution when dealing with negative people.
Nothing anyone could say would make dealing with toxic, negative and destructive people a walk in the park. There are some principles and practices, however, that will give you some extra and essential gear for what is more like a treacherous mountain climb. The journey is still perilous, but at least with the right equipment, you may make it over the mountain unscathed.

Don’t Allow Others to Treat You Poorly Just Because You Love Them

Over hundreds of years, this world has given birth to the greatest minds of our history. And despite the old saying, “Great minds think alike,” many great minds do not - at least not entirely.
From Alan Watts to Sigmund Freud and everyone in between, the great minds of our evolution do not all agree - especially when it comes to matters of our purpose, existence, and our favorite of all, love.
There is one thing that most of the greatest psychologists, theologists, philosophers, seers and thinkers do agree upon, however.
Humans are social beings who yearn for approval and what we call love from other people.

The Home Of The Brave — Change is in Our Hands

One person, one entity, one political party, one systemic issue, or one agenda, alone, is not to blame for the hate, division, violence, and chaos that permeates our country. Our reality has been created by an inconceivable number of little choices, made every day by people just like you and me. The big things are made up of all the tiny pieces and the tiny pieces belong to us.

The Secret Of Getting Through Today

Moments are meant to be lived. But sometimes, life is so hard that all we wish for is to get through them alive or unscathed. Right now — 9 months from the day that I realized something really bad was about to happen — there are many more of us who are just trying to get through this day, hour, or moment than 9 months ago. This pandemic has affected everyone in some way — whether mentally, financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. All of the above for many. The current world crisis has robbed so many of us and taken so many of our moments that we are often left completely fragmented.