Benefits of the Pandemic — Inspiration and Philosophy About Covid-19 and 2020

The outside world may attempt to limit us. Sometimes it may feel like there’s a ceiling above us — and sometimes, there is. These ceilings are not what truly limits us though. The limits we place on ourselves are what stop us from moving to a different room with a higher ceiling — or better yet, going outside.

This World is Full of Givers and Takers

Givers believe in the power of the universe and trust that there is enough of everything for everyone. Giving is an act of faith. A true giver does not give for a reward, to receive gratitude, or to control, but gives for the energy of giving itself. Givers know that by bringing to life they ultimately fill life with more to be given and received by all, including them.

The Power of Forgiveness - Everyone Has Been Hurt by Someone They Love

Simply hearing someone say, “forgiveness is for you”, isn’t enough to process our emotional pain in a way that allows us to forgive — especially when our pain is caused by someone we believe should love us. This could be anyone from a parent or sibling to a partner or best friend.