Just Do The Next Right Thing — A Principle of Recovery

It sounds so simple right, just doing the next right thing. But the challenging part is believing, really believing — no matter how hopeless a situation looks or how much pain you are in or what someone else did to you — that you will be blessed if you simply do that next right thing.

Do Not Give Up — Even When It’s Hard

As an American, there are days where the future of our entire country looks so dark that there is no hope in sight. There are so many problems at such a great scale with so many other co-existing problems that it can appear impossible. The maze is set and it is set with the greatest strategy of the greatest oppressive minds. The further you go down the rabbit hole, the more turns you find and the more impossible it seems to find a solution.

Stop Wasting Your Precious Life

We see people all around us who are stuck in negative life cycles. They are in toxic relationships, unstable, bankrupt, homeless, addicted; the list goes on. I have been this person before and I have changed my entire life drastically. I have moved from hate to happiness, from despair to hope and from self-pity to self-empowerment.