I Wonder What The Books Will Say

I wonder what our great, great grandchildren will think about what we are doing right now when they read about COVID 19 in their history books.
I wonder if they will be shocked and amazed that the US had millions more deaths than other countries, yet many Americans fought for their right to go out without masks and get them and others sick.
Or, I wonder if they will look back at all the people who stayed home and wore masks and laugh, because the virus wasn’t real or a real threat. I wonder…

I Miss You, World — And I’m Tired, So Tired

Most of all, I’m tired of feeling like I shouldn’t be tired and I’m tired of all the truth I can’t tell. I’m tired of having so little we can say without further separating ourselves from others. I’m tired of being so quiet and I’m tired of the world being so loud, repetitive and surface-oriented. I’m tired of the world covering up the problems and fighting over what the problem is instead of finding the solution. I’m sick and tired of band-aids and treating the symptoms of the problem instead of finding our way to the solution.

Benefits of the Pandemic — Inspiration and Philosophy About Covid-19 and 2020

The outside world may attempt to limit us. Sometimes it may feel like there’s a ceiling above us — and sometimes, there is. These ceilings are not what truly limits us though. The limits we place on ourselves are what stop us from moving to a different room with a higher ceiling — or better yet, going outside.